About „So … Brothers“

„So … Borthers“ can become a new sitcom. The project is in an early phase of concept development. Me – Martin Grimm – a young producer and copyright holder developed following:

I need a strong help so that we can realize this awesome project. Feel free to contact me: m.grimm@digitalanders.de

Martin Grimm

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1. Preview: Short scenes taken from the first 2 episodes

This is a short preview for demo purposes of the 2 x 23 min. episodes that have been produced. You’ll get a great idea of the look & feel as well as the potentional of the whole show.

2. Preview: Intro and short animations

We produced an awesome animaded intro for the sitcom. Showing a room of the „young“ Mr. Stein’s recoding studio, where pictures with legendary musicians (like Michael Jackeson, The Beatles, Mick Jagger etc.) and essential instruments can be seen.

3. Preview: Music Theme

Here you already can hear the music theme. It’s used as intro at the beginning of the sitcom. The song was sung by Viola, an important character.

„So … Brothers“ – Short Synopsis

„So … Brothers“, a sitcom with two brothers, who have never known each other. They both inherit the legendary “Turtle Records“ – Studio, complete with its only permanent inhabitant, a turtle named Janis, from their late father. His last wish declares the brothers as legal guardians of the little fossil: Should anything bad happen to Janis, the old studio is to be auctioned off to charity. The two may have had the same dad, but they grew up with their mothers in different worlds: Matthew is a big city New York cowboy, who loves to break nice girls’ hearts. Matthias from Germany – a nervous Economics Graduate, who could never really understand what makes people tick, and women are a complete mystery to him. But there is one thing that they do have in common: They both don’t know shit about running a Music Recording Studio …

Pilot Episodes are done, let’s bring it on to the TV!

We are a team of young, creative TV-professionals : Writers, producers, camera-operators, editors, musicians and actors based in Hamburg, Germany. Together we have pre-produced the first two pilot episodes for a new Rock n Roll -TV sitcom: “So … Brothers”. We all have a musical background of some sort, so our writers know what absurd drama the engineering of a hit single can create. It is a new sitcom produced with the Internet as broadcasting medium in mind. The setting in a sound studio creates the unique opportunity to have “real” current chart-bands as “clients” behind our microphones. This provides not just promising cross-promotion-options with the music-industry, but a sitcom-based-platform from which to launch real newcomers into actual life as part of the story.